Thursday, June 9, 2016

You Don't Miss Your Water, 'TIl Your Well Runs Dry

This song speaks my language. Nothing like a killer Rising Appalachia tune to bring an important issue into light.
Ever have one of those days you feel you could just stay forever in the shower?
THose days you close your eyes in pleasure as the steam rises and the water delightfully warms your body.
No better way to wake up.
But have you ever thought while you are in there, where you water was coming from?
Or what you would do if one day, you went to stand underneath the head and nothing came out?
For many of us, we don't think of this because we don't believe it will ever be a reality we will have to face.

My first two years I lived in Costa Rica, I didn't have hot water. I lived in a tent and had a bathroom that was a bit of a trek to get to.
It took a while for me to gert accustomed, and some nights with no moon, I felt safer to just pop a squat behind the closest tree instead of having to deal with the chance of missing a snake in the trail due to my overtired eyes.
I began to see what a luxury hot water was. I will never forget the first day I got home and took a long, sensual shower with three spraying jets shooting at me and an extra large rain nozzle overhead pouring down.
Heaven on earth. My appreciation for this moment is so grand. But is this amount of pressure necesessary?
At this same moment I was enjoying this, I couldn't help but think of a few of my friends back in Costa Rica.

ISome have shared with me stories of their hometowns where they had to carry water from the mountains for the day to use.
I thought about having to carry that streaming water and the weight I would have to bear.

It wasn't until my third season I began to see how things go down when the forest is thirsty. We had an unusually dry rainy season, so towards the end of this dry season, there were times we were scarily close to running out.
I work at a luxurious, high end hotel so the concerns ran much further than simply personal use.
I was beginning to understand the severity of this situation when people in neighboring villages were already having to collect their water from high in the mountains.
How do you explain to a guest expecting five star service that they can't take a shower after they return to the resort, hot and sweaty after a full day exploring the national park in extreme heat conditions?
You can't.
We never ran out, thank god but I learned alot about the culture during this time.
How people in a remote area come together during times of hardship.
It's raw and beauitful.

My time here has really changed my mentality about alot of worldly issues and has sparked a passion inside of me to do my part.
One of the coolest organizations I found during my search for solutions is Waves For Water.
They bring clean water to those in need and surf waves along the way. Not a bad trade! And they have ways for you to start your own project and get your own community involved.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rainbathing: an essential for the soul.

Feel the rain.
Don't dodge the downfall or tuck under an umbrella.
Embrace it. Take an eyes closed lick at the air for all I care.
Whatever it takes.
As long as you feel it.

Friday, June 3, 2016

"It's the promise of life, it's the joy in your heart"

Hula session in the garden to the most beautiful rendition of 'Aguas De Marco' I have come across yet.
The original is by Elis Regina which is also worth checking out.
It is a beautiful piece of music that depicts the mood of a certain time of season.
It's a tune anyone could relate to that lives in a place that experiences a rainy season.
Another wonderful spin on the original worth checking out is a rendition by Smoke City.
So many beautiful renditions of this tune because it is a timeless tale.
It's preserves a story of an entire culture and captivates the hearts of its listeners.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful!"

Before I lived in the jungle, I would have never dreamt
that seeing an animal kill another animal could be this enthralling.
Something about watching the power of a hawk's talons,
gripping a snake with it's mouth choked open became in a strange way, a delightful sight.
Not that killing is in any way sexy, but maintaining the natural circle of life is.
Keeping things in balance.
And on similar topic--don't even get me started on
just how sexy it is too see a dark, muscular tican
wrangle in a deadly snake from off of the walking bridge
to keep our guests out of harms way.
And doing so shirtless, with a machete of course.
Something about these raw, survival skills that are such a turn on to me.
Sure, I go weak at the knees for an Italian in Armani jeans.
And I'd love to go for a San Fransiscan night cruise in your beamer taking in the city lights.
But would this same man know how to crack open a fresh coconut for me?
Or know what leaf to pull of a tree to help aid my bug bite?
The Jungle life has refedined "sexy" for me.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Who Needs Forever?

I am consumed with emotion as I feel the nearness of my departure from Costa Rica sneaking up on me.
I am so connected with the nature here and feel I have truly found inner peace.
It will be a challenge adjusting back to the fast paced life of America but hey, if the jungle has taught me one thing, it's to adapt to your environment.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Touch The Lightning

"Stir from submission
Instinctive intermission
A pause to recollect myself..."
-He's MY Brother She's My Sister

After three year of experiencing the jungle gypsy life during the dry season, I felt it was finally time to stick around for the rain.
The forest is fresh.
Nothing better than deeply breathing in the air after a storm
or feeling the power of the wind as one powerfully rolls in.
And the lightning has been thrilling.
Bright flashes of light and terrible cracks of thunder that can strike you all the way to the core.
Makes you wanna reach for the sky to touch the lightning or Tocando el relámpago" in Spanish.

"...Look up at the stars,
wonder who we are We know this place
isn't what it seems"
-Hes My Brother She's My Sister

Tuesday, May 24, 2016