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Let Me Create My World

'HELLO, HOW DO YOU DO?' and a Happy MONDAY to you. The Pretty Things play in the background as I continue to enter deeper and deeper into the forest. Always fun to park the paddleboard and explore what's farther upstream. And so peaceful to then return to the water and float the whole way back downs,just lying down on my board watching clouds and jungle leaves pass by. Not a chance I'm moving until I reach the suspension bridge! Oh, the luxuries found when the mind is silenced.Rhe connection with the natural world grows stronger, allowing me to effortlessly catch a glimpse of monkeys overhead swooping down for a drink. Or scarlet macaws flyinng by setting the forest on fire with their loud calls and bright scacrlet wings .It's amazing what you can see when you stop looking and start living. The beauty lies in the stillness. Allow yourself to enter into it as much as you can. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE SHE WANDERS. SHE ALWAYS ENDS UP BY THE WATER.

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