Going To California

Kicked the summer off right.
One way ticket
with a one-track mind
Keep looking forward
leave those worries behind.
Escaped to the top of the NorCal hills
aimlessly wandering with the creek's rill.
Everything was going fine
until a rustle made my stroll stand still.
Made me stop right dead in my tracks.
No time to think when a mountain lion's staring back.
On the top of the tree limb, so magnificently posed.
Thick, black outlining his eyes, straight down to his nose.
Flash! like a camera, caught in the shot.
Holding on to this moment's the only defense I've got.
One wrong move and consider me dead.
Keep calm, don't let it get into your head.
Get outta my head! Now, Don't brake the stare.
Fearful eyes will lead me straight to his lair.
I knew he was in for a kill
so I sang proudly and ran straight down the hill.
Heard a wildcat call and knew I was in store
for his next meal If I hadn't slammed that door.
Felt like Red Riding Hood lost on the path.
Walking home from the water,
Next time I'll telepath.
But A close encounter makes you realize
What it feels like to really be alive.
A month on the mountain can drive anyone mad
but looking back I love the experiences had.
Hard days working on my green thumb
And tough labor not built for some.
But cooling off by the side of the stream
or underneath a waterfalls' perfect scene
Made the work seem worth it all.
Things always seems clearer watching the flow fall.
Left a part of me at the bottom of the pit
Where the weight of the water hits.
Buried my worries and brought back beauty instead.
Within a million memories filling my head.
To share with the world because that's what it's all about
Finding yourself, free of all doubt.
So keep your ego tame and remember we're all one in the same.
Grateful for every opportunity had

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