This Girl Taught Me To Dance

I felt like I was off to a bad start when I entered into the heart of Deep Ellum on the hunt for an old record store and arrived to find out it had closed down the year previous. "But vinyls sales are up 20 percent!...What is this world coming to??" I didn't let it discourage my efforts so decided it was time to dig a bit deeper. Searched some other reviews of shops near Dallas and was skimming through when I read over blahblahblahtalkingheads as my interest was sparked. I continued to read how members of the band themselves frequent the store. All I needed to here. I hopped in a shuttle and made my way to Dolly Python where there were twon brown dogs, one tiny and one large, laying inside the doorway where the sun was hitting the otherwise cool floor. I saw fashionably dressed mannequins in ruffles and went right in. Usually I would usually be sad to not see records in plain view when I'm hunting for them but I knew without asking they were in the back. But my, what a feast for the eye. Costumes of every color, boots of every material and a hat for any occasion. All vintage, of course. I was in a little piece of heaven passing real jester suits and 1940s hot short swimsuits and then...I found them. The first one to catch my eye actually fooled it first. It was a see-through Rolling Stones disc that was playing tricks on my eye. I could feel the age as I brimmed my hands through them like cutting a deck, getting on a glimpse of each one and then going back a second round for a closer look. It was one of the only times I had left a record store without one in hand but I would like to think that won't be my last time to Dolly Python. I left with turquoise lace bloomers, found this graffiti wall directly outside the doorway and tambo'd 'til the time my shuttle arrived
"Well this girl taught me a dance called the I don't care, she said to me It's easy I swear. Stand alone over there and watch everyone around you care" -The Strange Boys

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