Count the Number Of BeingYou Are, See How Long It Takes You

This line crossed my mind as I looked down at my silver buckle shoes. Not usually my style. More comfortably cool in converse. However, a character is a character and I can play any role. Pulled my shades down and startle strolling towards the table full of plants. I wondered what perfectly good plants were doing living under an awning while the sun was shining so brightly. So I looked around and decided I would move the table even though it was not mine. I was surprised by how easily I slid it across the gravel into my friends yard. I set my computer up at the table and kicked my feet up on the opposing side's chair. I decided it would look out of place if I hadn't moved the whole set. Much better. I was waiting on an important video chat from Costa Rica. 15 minutes behind schedule and I was getting antsy. I couldn't stop staring at the bright blue door that looked as if to lead to a different world. It was completely out of place for the location and I wondered what was inside. I set up my camera for documentation and started to explore. Before I attempted to enter, I struck a few poses to send a picture to my friend who's house I was posted up at. Sorry your at work but so am I. I'm a full time adventurer and I must find out what was beyond the door. I finally tip toed in my silver shoes up to the doorknob and just as my hand had started to curl around it, i heard the sound I had been waiting for. Without an instant of hesitation, I leaped to my seat in the sun and answered the call. I never found out what was behind the blue door that day, but I already had my next adventure planned. I would eventually find out what was behind it but until then, my next mission was to head to Costa Rica for the next four months to go live amongst pods of dolphins. Time to shed the buckle ballet flats and start growing some fins!

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