Blue Flower

An extremely pleasant coincidence happened to me today. The song I couldn't stop belting out in the San Fran streets all day was Mazzy Star- Blue Flower. As the songbird was silenced as night was falling, took shelter in the cozy hotel bar and restaurant connected to the hotel. The hotel itself is a historic landmark with bending, old wooden stairs, carpeted in red floral and giant windows with perfect panes for posing. It felt good in the lounge. It was only about 5 pm but you could tell people had a friendly after work buzz. After a stiff drink I sat down at a table set for 9. The manager sensed familiarity and made his way over, carrying in his hand a bright blue flower. He was so excited to tell us of how he Acquired such a gem and the tale were getting deep of these exotic blue flowers. As I dove right in his story, I was dying inside trying to contain my own blue flower. So i had to sing it to him of course. At the end, he pulled a brilliant one from the bunch and handed it to me. Kept the flower in the book, the memory in my mind and the friendship blossoming.

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