Beautiful Stranger Blues

Casually cool, straight strolling through Denver, looking for the perfect place to post up. The rays were beaming just right and the streets were happenin'. Couldn't help but put a little extra pep in my step when I was wandering free with my tambourine and spotted a guy stomping on a giant, life-sized keyboard. I ran across it tip--toeing up the scale, flashed back a smile and kept walking. I then passed a man walking a potbelly pig with a spike collar and saw a group of people The mile high city has me soaring. But I couldn't stop and linger too long--was in search of a spot. I ran up and down staircases just for the hell of it and belted an acapella tune, twirling through the performing arts center when I finally stumbled apon some unusal columns of staggering heights, stacked so you could climb and zig zag through them. Jumped over the Skyline Park sign and began to scout the structure for the best column to make my stage. Kept hopping from one to another, letting my free fitting dress flow and fly like Alice down the rabbit hole. Found a block that fit me just right so pulled up my high socks and it was red light rolling. I was posed with a pout as I started a psychedelically sexy tambo rhythm. Freaky friends started gathering towards the center, making their way off the benches and lurking from depths of the inner columns of the crazy park walls. I belted out two short n sweet and paused for a change or rhythm just long enough to be approached by a wide-eyed park chiller who seemed to really be enjoying the excitement and gifted me a Santa sleigh bell necklace that was unusually light, creating a soft high pitch ring. It had a red heart engraved on the body. Some serious love was locked inside that bell. I thanked the man and continued to play, this time really taking advantage of the playground of a stage I had stumbled apon. Stared leaping From Column to colum, landing like an alley cat, still keeping the beat midair and landing with an on time tap. Their was an incredible sense of invincibility this city was giving me. Tried to turn down my cool but couldn't help but continue to kick it as decided instead to keep on my way, strolling the streets with something to say.

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