"You're charming but please get off the roof."

From the vast jungles of Costa Rica to the Rocky Mountains of DenVer, 
I was in for a cultural collidence.
 There I stood in their windy world. 
Dropped my trunk and shook my head. 
Snow in my hair and freaks in the streets. 
Felt like a good place to be. 
Just a little chilly for a girl who Swore off pants three years ago.
But tried to embrace the change and adapt to my environment like any animal must do for survival.
I pulled my socks up higher and put on a smile.
 This city was breathing a whole different life than I was used to. 
Forever a jungle babe but can't seem to stop kicking my heals and singing through the streets
 to this towns funky beat.Escaped to a roodtop to really take in the city.
 Brought my vewdoo boar to practice my banace dangerously close to the edge.
 Apparently, I was a little much for Denver to handle.
I watched as two men hurriedly climbed the escape ladder to the roof.
 Thye looked concerned until they noticed my calming demeanor.
 I instantly apologized after they had finished explaining to me how "unsafe" it was 
for a girl like me to be up in a place like that. 
I looked around for snakes and jaguars and shrugged my shoulders but obliged to their notions and started heading back towards ground level. At least I was able to capture the view and I do believe I made those helpful gentlemen's day.

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