Feel The Rays

Sometimes, when I'm swinging through the vines of the lush, green jungle or am wading waist high in the most mesmerizing tide pools, I think of my loved ones in the states. Calls to home are few and far between since living here. When I do make contact, I hear phrases like "worst winter ever" and "heaters broken from ice freezing over." This tends to make me feel a bit guilty. For I'm sitting here on the other line watching scarlet macaws fly across rocky beaches while as I'm sipping a fresh-cut coconut after a perfect morning paddle. Some say I'm escaping reality..I just say for those that find paradise, you better hold on to it. Best not to brag or boast but keep it near to your heart and never let go.

Costa Rica and it's people have taught me a lot about myself. I have learned the true meaning of beauty. I see the beauty in nature and it's inspired me to become more aware of both myself and my surroundings. When you live in a place where the nearest "town" is a 45 minute walk through steep cliff and slithering snakes, you start to appreciate everything our culture takes for granted.

No road, no cars, just the monkeys up above and the manta rays and humpbacks flying high out of the sea.

When you live in a place like this, you respect the earth, your neighbors and your materials posessions alot differently.

Let's just say if a boy brings you chocolate he had to do much more than stop at any gas station or convenient.

It was a boat ride or trek the jungle to get such luxuries. The effort is greater and the sentiment is more intense.

There is an overall mutuality. Everyone must work together to survive in the jungle. It's beautiful.

I've learned from the locals to live by the sun and let the rays radiate through to warm my soul. If nothing else, i want to be able to share a little bit of that with all of you in hopes you can search for that paradise. Doesn't have to be that postcard image. It's a place that calms your mind, quiets your troubles, opens you eyes and fulfills your soul. I still feel the vibe of the rainforest whereve I am. I have learned to take that PURA VIDA lifestyle to heart and let it help me find peace and maintain balance.

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