"It's the promise of life, it's the joy in your heart"

Hula session in the garden to the most beautiful rendition of 'Aguas De Marco' I have come across yet.
The original work was composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. In english, the title translates to The Rains of March. It's a Brazilian song capturing the essence of Rio De Janeiro's rainy season. Both the lyrics and music have a downward progression with the notes descending much like debris falling down a rain gutter after a heavy fall. The lyrics were written in Portuguese as well as in English. When sung in Portuguese, it sounds hypnotic due to nearly every line starting with the letter "E".
After experiencing my first rainy season her in Costa Rica, I have fallen even more in love with this song. The rainy season can take such a hard toll on a culture. Flooded streets, washed away roads, houses underwater. But it also brings the rainforest replenishment, nourishing the crops and vegetation and giving all of its inhabitants the wonderful waters of life. It is a timeless tale that any person can relate to that has lived in a culture with this type of weather. The song leaves you with a sort of hope much like the feel you get when the rain finally ceases and you see the sun shine once again. It brings people happiness through the familiarity of the tale. It instills faith and reminds of the cycle of life and the changing of season. "After the rain comes sun,after the sun comes rain again"

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