"That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful!"

Before I lived in the jungle, I would have never dreamt
that seeing an animal kill another animal could be this enthralling.
Something about watching the power of a hawk's talons,
gripping a snake with it's mouth choked open became in a strange way, a delightful sight.
Not that killing is in any way sexy, but maintaining the natural circle of life is.
Keeping things in balance.
And on similar topic--don't even get me started on
just how sexy it is too see a dark, muscular tican
wrangle in a deadly snake from off of the walking bridge
to keep our guests out of harms way.
And doing so shirtless, with a machete of course.
Something about these raw, survival skills that are such a turn on to me.
Sure, I go weak at the knees for an Italian in Armani jeans.
And I'd love to go for a San Fransiscan night cruise in your beamer taking in the city lights.
But would this same man know how to crack open a fresh coconut for me?
Or know what leaf to pull of a tree to help aid my bug bite?
The Jungle life has refedined "sexy" for me.

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