"Me convierto en agua, me convierto en ola"

"Michael Bull, who has written frequently about the impact of the Walkman and the iPod, points out that we often use these devices to “aestheticize urban space.” We carry our own soundtrack with us wherever we go, and the world around us is overlaid with our music. Our whole life becomes a movie, and we can alter the score for it over and over again: one minute it’s a tragedy and the next it’s an action film. Energetic, dreamy, or ominous and dark: everyone has their own private movie going on in their heads, and no two are the same. That said, the twentieth-century philosopher Theodor Adorno, ever the complainer, called this situation “accompanied solitude,” Found this exerpt from DAVID BYRNE'S outstanding new book, "HOW MUSIC WORKS," and the subject really hit home. Whether in our unity of love experencing a song together, or in our self enjoyment of discovering a song that is best enjoyed in the solitude of our own company, music has the power to evoke and unlock our deepest emotions. And fortunately, in this day in age, it has never been easier to find, create and share this music with others. The only problem with this accesibility, is the magnitude of music out there! Finding new music is my passion but sometimes it's just as frustrating sorting through hours of music that's not my fancy as not having any new music to begin with. Some days require hours of digging to find the vibe I might be hunting for only because of how much is available to us now. That being said, the hunt is always worth it when you do stumble across that new fire track that finds a permanent place in your personal sountrack DE LA VIDA! The last artist I found that ignited this flame for me was Nicola Cruz. "Colibria" was the first track that caught my attention. If you dig this and crave more, A good place to start is the album "Prender Al Alma. But if you're more of a 'live set' person, check his Tulum set below! ENJOY, DISFRUTAR< PURA VIDA! : )

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