That warm "fuzzy" feeling

Feelin' all FUZZED OUT & fabulous on this Sunday afternoon. It's been a bit more difficult than expected to find the time I would like to to dedicate to music since moving back to the jungle! But if there is one thing I've learned from this culture, it's how to live more DAY TO DAY. Tomorrow may never come. Seize the moment and create when the inspiration hits. Trying to make set "Plans" are pretty much joke here. Between the unpredicatable climate and laid back lifefstyle of the locals, it's better to go with the flow and live with the tides and the moons. Speaking of, we've got a full on on our hands tonight! Can't wait for a moonlight stroll on the beach but unti; then, enjoying my time creating rhymes and finding new tunes! Here's some gems I found digging today. Enjoy : )

I mean, can we talk about that sweet tambourine trancin'? SUNSETS WITHOUT YOU. all the feels. That organ, though! Bop! Bop! Bad-dee-dah dopeness.

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